Ontdek IVECO's engagement tijdens het 8ste Gasnam Congress

IVECO presents its vision for natural gas and alternative traction in transport at the 8th Gasnam Congress

​Thomas Hilse, IVECO Brand President, spoke at the 8th Gasnam Congress, where he highlighted that “IVECO’s path to carbon neutrality starts with natural gas and proceeds through LNG, the bridge to hydrogen, and Bio-LNG, the rocket launcher to the final destination: a full choice of solutions for a green mobility.”

IVECO took part in “Green Gas Mobility Summit”, the 8th edition of the Gasnam Congress, the annual event at which professionals from the sector and journalists meet to discuss the situation of natural and renewable gas in Spain and in Europe. Gasnam is the association that promotes natural and renewable gas – biomethane and hydrogen – as a fuel for road and maritime transport in Spain and Portugal. It currently has 135 members from numerous sectors: energy, automotive, engineering, suppliers, transport and institutions.
More than 20 exhibitors participated in the virtual event, which took place on 21, 22, and 23 September, and had the opportunity to analyse the advantages and performance that this alternative fuel offers.

Having pioneered natural gas technology, it is leading the way with its full range of vehicles powered with this sustainable fuel and over 35,000 units sold. As one of the key participants in the event, IVECO presented its vision for the future of sustainable road transport.

Thomas Hilse, IVECO Brand President was one of the main speakers at the event, where he talked about “Customer Support and Choosing the Path towards Zero Emissions in the Truck Market”. Hilse explained that: “The ultimate goal of zero-emissions transport will be achieved with different technologies, according to the customer’s missions and applications. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. IVECO’s path to carbon neutrality starts with natural gas and proceeds through LNG, the bridge to hydrogen, and Bio-LNG, the rocket launcher to the final destination: a full choice of solutions for a green mobility.”

Ángel Rodríguez Lagunilla, Global Manufacturing Director for Commercial and Special Vehicles at IVECO, stressed that “sustainability is a fundamental pillar for IVECO, as shown by our commitment to natural gas technology and our complete range of natural gas vehicles. What’s more, this is all achieved through sustainable processes, which are key factors to reactivate the industry.”

During the first day of this Congress, which has become an established reference point for alternative technologies for road and maritime transport, Pablo Cebrián, Vice-president for Product Development and Engineering at IVECO, participated in a round table on “Mobility with Hydrogen: a Future that is Increasingly Present”. He pointed out that “all existing technologies, and those in development, are necessary if we are to achieve the reduction target set for 2030, and of course to achieve 100% CO2-free transport by 2050. “Hydrogen is the best future alternative for long-distance transport, and over the next five years we will see an enormous acceleration in all the technologies that will make it possible: generation, distribution, high-pressure storage in trucks and, above all, fuel cells.”

IVECO: actively promoting the use of natural gas in road haulage
IVECO, a pioneer in the use and development of natural gas in road haulage, is committed to this type of sustainable fuel as the only current, real and available alternative for long-distance and passenger transport, thanks to its energy balance, performance and reduced emissions. The stocks of this fuel, as well as its availability, safety and lower cost make natural gas a safe solution to satisfy the needs of haulers, whatever their mission may be.

With over 35,000 units sold worldwide, IVECO is the absolute market leader in natural gas-powered commercial vehicle technology worldwide. The brand is currently the only manufacturer to offer a complete range of natural gas models, with three families of engines that range from 136 to 460 HP, and products ranging from 3.5 to 40 tonnes – passenger vehicles, as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles for long-distance haulage. Its offering includes the IVECO S-WAY NP 460 truck, the only vehicle on the market with a range of up to 1,600 km and an engine power of 460 HP.

Ontdek IVECO's engagement tijdens het 8ste Gasnam Congress

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