Becoming a carbon neutral company


Becoming a carbon neutral company

What do we mean by a carbon-neutral company? How can this status be achieved and why is it so vital to the future of our planet? The answers to these questions and more, including how the team at CNH Industrial sought inspiration from Charles Darwin in their quest for an energy efficient future can be found in our the latest Top Story.

Put simply, a carbon-neutral company is when the business offsets its carbon emissions through a combination of efficiency measures and advanced technology. CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI) is adopting a wide array of initiatives aimed at reaching the goal of becoming a carbon-neutral manufacturer. The Company is committed to building a better future and as part of that commitment constantly strives to find innovative ways of transforming how power is used in our manufacturing plants and facilities around the world.

The article sets out CNH Industrial’s ambitious targets for reducing its carbon footprint: by 2024 the Company aims to cut CO2 emissions by 46 percent per hour of production compared to 2014, and to source 80 percent of its electricity from renewables. These aspirational goals can only be achieved through finding sustainable alternatives to the current fossil fuel energy sources and implementing energy-efficiency projects.

Perhaps the most engaging sections of this latest Top Story are the descriptions of the ingenious energy-reduction projects which are underway at several of CNH Industrial’s manufacturing plants. We learn about methane boilers in the Czech Republic, find out about a heat recovery system in Spain and see how smart lighting at a facility in Italy is helping reduce CO2 emissions. 2020 has also seen the launch of the Company’s new pilot project focusing on the decarbonisation of its production processes.

CNH Industrial believes that actions speak louder than words and the numerous and diverse projects listed bear testament to this belief. Learn more about CNH Industrial’s journey to becoming a carbon-neutral company at:

London, December 17, 2020



Becoming a carbon neutral company

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